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Earthfare retail case study

Winning new customers and growing loyalty at a new store

Grocery Shopping


Earthfare, an independent organic supermarket brand that had recently opened a new site in Portishead. They wanted to grow their customer base and improve loyalty.


They engaged Intelligent Purpose to help them understand the critical customer experience challenges they were facing - how could they engage a new and potentially different set of customers?

Family Buying Bread


We talked to hundreds of Earthfare customers through a customised survey, generating thousands of data points, which we turned into actionable insights and recommendations.


The report surfaced customer pain points and quick wins that could be dealt with immediately and more complex issues that could be worked on over time to drive the business forward.

Insight for impact

Grocery Store Staff

A roadmap for customer experience success

Our evidence, insight and recommendations set out a clear set of actions and priorities for Earthfare.


Customer inspiration

More recipe ideas and inspiration from the team to aid new customers and showcase new products 


A deli counter

Create an in store deli counter and stock with fresh salad bar, on the go lunches, cheese and pickles & antipasti


Community engagement

Create more opportunities to engage with wider community through local events

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