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Why a Customer Roadmap that is fit for purpose will help your business grow

If you don’t know where you are going…
why would you expect to get there?

That’s why you need a roadmap for sustainable customer growth…

There are some essential stages or questions you need to ask yourself to build the basic roadmap framework.

What is our business purpose for our customers? - your customer vision

Which stakeholders should be involved with the customer roadmap? - who will have accountability?

Who are we trying to sell to? - what are our customer personas?

Where are they and how do we find them? - your customer strategy

How do they find us and interact with our products & service - understand your customer journeys

How do we talk to them? - your customer marketing & communications

How do they talk to us? - your customer feedback channels & reviews

How do we deliver our products & services to meet their needs? - your customer service promise

How do we demonstrate we are listening & fixing issues? - your customer support & closing the feedback loop

How do we sustain high performance through our people? - your employee engagement with the customer roadmap

Do you have a customer roadmap framework in place?

Is it fit for purpose?

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