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Unveiling the Secret to Costa's Success: Elevating Customer Experience…and some challenges they face

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Hey everybody,

This week was all about coffee week, and if you’re wondering why - use the links to find out more from my LinkedIn - but I wanted to share insights into the phenomenal success of Costa Coffee and shed light on how their commitment to customers has been a key driver behind their journey to success. I’m writing it based on what ‘they’ believe and what clearly 1000’s of others think due to their loyalty - I don’t agree with it all but let’s go with the majority vote for Costa which is it’s great….. And well worth the almost £5 a day addition.

1. Quality in Every Sip:

At the core of Costa Coffee's triumph lies an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality coffee. (It isnt my taste and out of 112 samples it could have been different). But their journey began with sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world, ensuring that every cup is a testament to the commitment to excellence. By consistently providing a superior product, they have cultivated a loyal customer base that recognises and appreciates the authenticity of the Costa Coffee experience.

2. Creating a Destination, Not Just a Cup of Coffee:

Costa Coffee has transcended the concept of a coffee shop; they have created a destination where individuals can immerse themselves in a warm, inviting atmosphere (yeah not all shops but bear in mind i’m writing this from ‘their perspective and approach to customer experience - doesn’t mean everything fits you individually). From the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee to the comfortable ambiance of our stores, we strive to make every visit a memorable experience. Our emphasis on creating a welcoming environment encourages customers to not just enjoy a cup of coffee but to savor moments of connection and relaxation.

3. Innovation that Captivates:

In a rapidly evolving market, Costa Coffee has maintained its edge through continuous innovation. They go beyond traditional offerings, introducing new and exciting blends to their original bean that cater to diverse tastes. The commitment to staying ahead of trends ensures that our customers always have something fresh and captivating to explore, enhancing their overall experience. I mean who knew pumpkin coffee would be so popular??

4. Sustainability as a Cornerstone:

They seem to get the importance of sustainability in today's world. Costa Coffee is proud to champion ethical practices, from responsibly sourcing their coffee beans to implementing eco-friendly packaging. By aligning their brand with values that matter to their customers (make them feel they do a good service), they have not only contributed to a better planet but also strengthened the connection with those who share the commitment to sustainability.

5. Customer-Centric Approach (IMPORTANT STEP):

Perhaps the most critical element of Costa Coffee's success is the relentless focus on the customer. Every decision, every innovation, and every interaction is driven by a commitment to understanding and exceeding their customer expectations.


They view every customer as a valued member of the Costa community, and the goal is to provide an experience that goes beyond their coffee preferences, creating memories and building strong relationships - over their favourite blend of coffee bean.

It is believed, that the success of Costa Coffee is not just in the cup but in the collective experience it ha managed to create, and I am sure you’ll all continue to support their journey.

I mean it is owned by Coco Cola for a mean £4.9 billion…. Coffee is definitely worth more than a mint - it’s worth the whole bean!

Now onto some of the challenges….

Whilst it is clear from their comments about customers above they realise and understand the power of customer experience, or at least the need to publicise that to their customers.

However, with something like 24,000 outlets serving their coffee in one form or another the challenge is to ensure that their teams are fully on board with their customer focus and their plans to create that experience environment in every store. This vision across countries and franchises can be incredibly difficult to do consistently and needs genuine priority focus and investment to succeed

Sadly in my experience and based upon many reviews, a lot of people’s experiences, Costo are not currently delivering consistently on those customer promises as they should to really consider themselves customer-centric. The service experience leaves a lot to be desired and it is clear that employees don’t love what they do and don’t feel any emotional attachment to Costa so how can their customers?

Now obviously people like the product or they wouldn;t be so successful, however it is always dangerous to rely solely on a product in a market that has many strong competitors such as the coffee market, especially if you include all the in-home options alongside the coffee shops and cafes. By empowering their teams to create destination shops which deliver upon their customer promises and resonate with the local people Costa could ensure that they stand out even further ahead of the bland homogenous coffee scene and appeal to a broader set of coffee consumers who are looking for more than just a cup of coffee.

Once not too long ago Costa coffee were chased out of the Devon town of Totness because the locals didn’t want a bland coffee chain in their town and dispute getting planning permission frm the local council Costa faced such a public outcry for local people that they gave up the idea and left town.

By harnessing the power of customer feedback and focussing on creating the right environment through their teams Costa could drive further standout from the competition and deliver amazing customer experiences that people will remember.

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