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The Origins of Intelligent Purpose

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Like so many stories ours is a powerful mix of different circumstances colliding together during a period of change, rather than a carefully orchestrated beginning.

For some time the three of us have been discussing new areas of research, focused on how we could go beyond the usual customer experience programmes and really helping businesses improve their connection and relationship with their customers. The pandemic added some impetus to the conversation with many businesses suddenly forced to change their operations, many hurriedly going online and much of the customer dynamic changed overnight. The timing was right, Intelligent Purpose was born.

Our vision for the agency is to create something we can be proud of that takes our collective 40+ years of research experience and couples that with our values and ideals to make a genuine difference to the business-customer relationship through actionable research. Our mission is to help our clients to better understand their customers, fix their customer challenges and increase value for both their business and their customers by ensuring a better alignment of business purpose with customer purpose.

We go beyond listening to customers and managing experiences to deliver customised research focused on achieving a deep understanding of their customers’ to enable our clients to build lasting emotional connections that will that results in loyal customers advocating for their favourite business.

We believe that the pandemic has affected the way customers think and interact with businesses and that now is a critical time to revisit customer strategies.

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