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6 core reasons you should invest in customer experience research.

You might make their lives just a little bit better!

Is there ever a bad time to invest in customer experience research?

Well basically no, there is never a bad time to invest in understanding your greatest asset, your customers. Researching your customers, gaining understanding of their wants, needs and purpose gives you the power to be able to make deeper connections between your brand and your customers. The result – you will win customers, improve customer experiences and grow loyalty.

So here are 6 core reasons to invest in customer experience research:

1. Truly understanding your customers’ emotional connection to your brand leads to a competitive advantage.

Customers’ purchasing decisions and ultimately loyalty are based upon emotional decisions, understanding and connecting with customers will win more customers, grow loyalty and advocacy.

2. Making a deeper connection with your customers’ purpose, their wants and needs leads to an increased lifetime value of those customers.

Customers who make a connection to brands, buy more, more often, for longer.

3. Listening to your customers shows that you care about them and put them at the heart of your business

Customers want to be seen as individuals and considered as important by the brands they invest in and they tell others about it when it happens.

4. Discovering unknown customer ‘pain points’ leads to improved customer experiences

Improving experiences and fixing pain points stops customers from leaving your brand, doing it well creates advocates.

5. Customers are willing to invest more for excellent premium experiences that deliver personal value to them.

If you get it right, you can increase customer spend and turn your customers into fans who will spread the reputation of your brand.

6. Sharing customer intelligence and insights with your employees and democratising actions leads to a customer-focussed culture

When employees are engaged with your customer strategy and you empower them to think customer, you create a customer-centric culture.

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