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5 thoughts about how to improve customer surveys

After a recent short poll asking customers whether or not they complete customer experience surveys, we found that 90% were willing to, but two thirds of those people would only complete them infrequently.

So it seems that a healthy number of people are still willing to take customer surveys, but people are picky about which ones

So here are some thoughts about how you can improve and elevate customer surveys

1. Treat your survey as a part of the experience and an extension of your brand – make sure it sounds like you and that your customers won’t be put off by taking part

2. Create a community feel, make your customers part of your brand, feeding back to improve the experience for everybody

3. Personalise the survey experience wherever you can with the information you can use about your customers

4. Tell customer what you are going to do with their feedback and/or what you have done with feedback in the past

5. Only ask for feedback on things that are relevant to your customers – easy to answer questions about their experience – not everything you can throw at a survey

Making it easy for your customer to give you feedback and involving them in the process of continuous improvement through communications and closing the feedback loop will keep your customers engaged and they will continue to give you their time to complete your surveys.

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