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5 key elements you NEED for a successful CUSTOMER STRATEGY🚀

If you don’t have a customer strategy, you should create one and quickly

Customers are becoming more savvy about who they buy from and customer experience is a key piece of that decision making

There are many elements that you should have in any strategy, but to encourage people to get started on a customer strategy I have outlined the 5 key things you absolutely need to put in place

1. Your customer vision or mission - the blue print for your success, your customer purpose

2. Your approach to empower your teams to engage customers and deliver excellent experiences

3. Gathering customer feedback – your customer listening plans

4. Your continuous improvement process for diagnosing customer needs & challenges and developing your customer culture

5. Closing the loop – letting customers know how much you use and value their feedback and how much you care about them

If you don’t have a customer strategy in place, you should create one, or seek some help to put one together

These 5 things will help to push you forward

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