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This Christmas will be different, but smart customer insight will help you thrive this festive season. 

This Christmas, customers are adapting to changes in their circumstances like never before. This means challenges for retailers, but also real opportunities if you can connect to people in the right way.


Smart customer insight, delivered by Intelligent Purpose, will give you the confidence and competive edge you need to inform your changing plans for the Christmas season.

Christmas Tablescape
Putting Up Ornaments
Get closer to your customers.

Customer insight helps retailers tap into the needs and emotions of customers and connect with the people that matter to them. Imagine the competitive edge you'll gain from knowing…

  • What your customers spending intentions are this Christmas

  • How you can best attract them to shop with you

  • What they expect of online retailers this Christmas

  • The tone of voice and emotions that will engage and not alienate them

How does it work?


We'll meet with you this week to understand your business and insight needs.


We'll rapidly design and launch a survey, bespoke to your customers and business.

Insight report

Smart, fast data analysis will surface actionable insights that will be presented in a report .


Our experts will offer practical advice and recommendations for your Christmas plans.

At just £950 (+ VAT), the research will pay for itself. 

We would usually charge £1,995 (+VAT for a project like this, but we know times are tough. You can work with our expert team to capture actionable insight for just £950 (+ VAT) if you sign up by the 26th October. 

We're confident that the research will pay for itself. You'll save money by avoiding costly advertising mistakes and greatly increase ROI on your Christmas marketing and advertsing.

Christmas Cheers
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