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Beard care journey case study

How to interrupt the path to purchase journey in beard care to introduce a new brand

Beardcare 01.png
At a barber's


A major manufacturer of male grooming products had just launched a new beard care range. To make decisions about how to engage customers in a new product category, the brand wanted to map the customer journey to purchase.


The insight shaped how they can best influence customer behaviours to grow the brand.

Barber shop


We began with a series of workshops with internal stakeholders to map the current marketing approach, existing sales channels and sketch out the internal view of the customer journey.


We then validated and expanded out the full journey map with real customers to capture the reality from their perspective, using a customised survey.

Beard Trim

Insight for impact

A customer journey to purchase

A journey map showing how customers navigate purchase, where they encounter barriers and potentially leave, and new paths to purchase previously unknown to the brand.


Marketing messages

Which marketing messages and reasons to believe positively impacted consumer behaviour



How to use barbers, social media and customer reviews to influence choices


Sales channels

evidence about which sales channels will be most effective, and which currently cause consumers problems

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